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Sunday, January 28, 2007

This Blog Has Moved

The blog has moved - please update your bookmarks. See end of post for more details.

After blogging for almost a year using Thingamablog, I have decided to switch blog platforms.

While Thingamablog is a great idea in theory it doesn't work out that well in practice - at least not for me. The basic idea of Thingamablog is that there is no server software required - all HTML is generated on the client and then uploaded to the web directory of your choice using FTP. I carried around my blog database on a flash drive in my pocket at all times and could blog both from home and my office.

The problem was that the FTP upload became slower and slower as the database grew in size. Because I run the database from my removable drive I once did the mistake of removing it too early from the computer with a corrupted database as result. Of course there were no backups.

I decided to do away with my web page as well and merge the information into the blog instead. Of course I still want to be able to blog from any location I want, and avoid ads. And get it for free.

Blogger.com is my new blog home - setting up and migrating the data was a very simple procedure. Of course a hosted solution doesn't offer the same customization benefits as a WordPress installation on your own server but it's enough for the purposes of this blog. I decided on blogger.com over WordPress's hosted solution because of the greater customization offered in designing the HTML.

Please update your bookmarks and subscribed RSS feeds:

New blog URL: http://jonasmartinsson.blogspot.com

RSS Post Feed: http://jonasmartinsson.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

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