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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Swedish Keyboard Layout

I have an obsession with optimizing or automating daily repetetive tasks. No matter if it is my calendar system, computer setup or the way I drive to work - you can bet I take it seriously. Some years back I realized that the Swedish keyboard is flawed in its design. Some of the characters (slash, backslash, the "at" sign, etc.) are very awkward to type, requiring some serious finger gymnastics.

Enter "US keyboard layout with Swedish characters", allowing Windows users to take the regular English keyboard layout and adding the specific Swedish characters å, ä and ö. I have been using the layout for close to five years now and swear by it. Before I emigrated from Sweden I used it as a tool to speed up my typing of URLs and programming source code. After my emigration it has proven invaluable as a way of adding the Swedish characters while keeping the original layout intact. This comes in handy when a co-worker or my wife wants to use the computer, they won't even notice the added extra characters.

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